Bobby Earth

  • This post is deleted!

  • song "thirsty" at 19:25 mark is crazy to me. sharing cuz i know you guys can appreciate it. ...we did a few songs together aswell...super talented dude....

  • Yeah I've been keeping up with him for a while, his "Book of Genesynth" project was really cool. He had a track called "First Summer" that I really loved. Cool to see you dudes working together.

  • omg thirsty sounds amazing wow!!!!!

  • shoutouts to bobby tutting in the video too lol

  • damn, the song after thirsty is fire too. dude got mad potential

  • yeah i been sending his shit to a few label friends. i think he'll do well.

  • Can You Feel It Too is so good, 2:15 is beautiful

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