Throwback: Pharrell & Robin Thicke on TRL (2005)

  • Went digging in my archives tonight...naturally Robin talks about his influences...Marvin Gaye lol

  • Yessir! Miss that catch phrase lol!

  • Dead @ Pharrell thuggin.

  • I'm trying to remember the whole story of 'Wanna Love You Girl'. Isn't there some other video with them where Robin explains that they where in studio and nothing happened, and that Robin then went out to the store for like 15 minutes, and when he came back Pharrell had done the entire beat?

    EDIT: I remember a interview with Robin, Pharrell and Busta Rhymes (where they just lose their shit and starts singing 'Hit Me On My Beeper' while Busta's beatboxing lmao - maybe it was that interview.

  • @BruceWayne I remember that one!! I have that interview rec on vhs

  • Staff

    Yup something to do with Pharrell and Robin couldn't come up with anything. Then Thicke went to McDonalds and when he came back the whole song was done.

  • fuck P hat looks sooo stupid hahaha

  • i wish it was more P and Robin songs

  • @BabyMilo 'Another Life' is sooo good

  • @BabyMilo Haha I remember during that era he always had on an ice cream hoodie which I approved and then he would fuck it up with that all black Miami Heat fitted

  • yall crazy that heats fitted was stealthy

  • @Pushamalicious-T He's a heat fan cuz p is a real nigga lol

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