Does Star Trak still exist?

  • I’m still confused if IAO is a label or it’s purpose. Where does Star Trak fit in with this?

  • It's basically just "Robin Thicke records" now

  • I dont know...i am other is cool and all but i miss star trak

  • Been asking this question ever since Startrakmusic.ent went down. Always "Crickets"

  • The world may never know

  • I've never asked myself this question before. Damn, it's something to think about.

  • I'm surprised in the last 5 years, in all the numerous interviews why no one has asked Pharrell this.

    I'm ALSO surprised how in the last 10 years, no one has asked Pharrell what happened to the Neptunes, and how come Chad is so hand-off now vs. before.

  • Staff

    Someone did ask P about Chad and then he got all emotional.

  • Staff

    Emotional P.

  • I wonder why he got emotional, maybe something happened behind closed doors. It's crazy but in the music industry, not everything is what it seems. And that's real shit, homie.

  • We are Star Trak.

  • Yo on the real.... all the musicians.... we should get together on some music shit like a collective...out of homage.... me :TheGeekSquad maybe you matic and a few others come with some kind of star trak university.....

    Revamp it

    Lets see what happens

  • this forum turned into the 'members doing cool shit forum' basically

  • Dude, that would be fucking CRRRRRAAAAZY!!!!! That's not a bad idea though. But, real shit, it should only be the best of the best on that thing. Seriously. In what time frame are you trying to do some shit like this? I'm down to do it, but only if it's really going to be that good, because I would personally give a copy of that shit to Pharrell or Chad. And on top of that, I'm from VA, so it would mean a lot to me.

  • @cjchat I'd be down. It would be dope to treat it like FoolsGold or something where we have a feed for music under that name....and have projects as a collective every so often.

  • Id say... we get a few tracks together.... and have the FORUM executive produce it... make like a thread of all the tracks we'd like to see what we can come up with... make like 10 to 12 tracks.

    rappers/producers... even people that arent into music... need artwork, promo, and make noise to the net.

  • Hell yeah. Star Trak University or whatever we will call it. We should definitely compile our resources and get something moving. I'm down!

  • @Mavis said:

    Someone did ask P about Chad and then he got all emotional.

    I remember seeing that interview, but I'm more interested in knowing about Star Trak and not Chad

  • This brought tears to my eyes at 2:44

  • 16091696b3152a905f02154d3a137ddf320d75dd.gif

  • I do hope that if we do start a music group in the name of Startrak, that everything we do will represent the entire forum and that everyone will at least be able to be a part of it. I've been fortunate to be a part of the last music project, The mixtape Vol 2 but i could see how it would suck to present your best work and it doesn't make the project because it doesn't match up to others.

    Everyone has something different to bring to the table, even if doesn't sound that great to other people. Everyone loves the Neptunes and this forum. I think we should do 1 of 2 things (or both).

    1. Have a central feed on soundcloud or bandcamp (controlled by @Mika probably) and have regular works present there. Or perhaps a weekly or monthly LP mixed down and presented by a DJ of some sort presenting the best work of Month. That would take work but it'd be cool. startrakradio, grinding radio, etc.

    This could be comprised of songs that would not necessarily fit the album or major project that we'd do if we did one. Not to say these songs would be lesser than....just a way to make sure everyone is a part of something.

    1. Have annual or bi-annual major project that is executively produced by the forum like @cjchat said. Have some sort of marketing behind it, the whole nine yards.

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