Rumored Kanye West ‘So Help Me God’ Tracklist Features The Neptunes

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    Apparently, this supposed to be real, but It’s way too good to be true, check the rumoured Tracklist to his seventh studio album ‘So Help Me God’ out below.

    Kanye West - So Help Me God (2015)
    01 - Wolves feat. Vic Mensa & Sia (Allen Ritter, Cashmere Cat, Sinjin Hawke)
    02 - Death March/Interlude feat. Pharrell & Paul McCartney (Vinylz, Mike Dean, Travis Scott, Jeff Bhasker, Pharrell Williams)
    03 - The Ivory Towers (Kanye West & Paul McCartney)
    04 - All Day feat. Allan Kingdom, Paul McCartney & Theophilus London (Kanye West, Velous, French Montana, Mike Dean, Puff Daddy, Paul McCartney)
    05 - Eyes Of The Beholder (Beauty) feat. Skepta (Paul McCartney, Anthony Kilhoffer, Ken Lewis, Sinjin Hawke)
    06 - Seeing Stars feat. James Fauntleroy (The Mekanics)
    07 - Mirage feat. Drake (Noah ‘40’ Shebib)
    08 - Act Like feat. Theophilus London (Kanye West)
    09 - Fatal Mistake feat. Paul McCartney & Kano (The Neptunes)
    10 - On The Day I Lost You feat. Paul McCartney (Travis Scott)
    11 - Feel Like That feat. Elijah Blake (Kanye West, Travis Scott)
    12 - Cracked But Not Broken feat. Kendrick Lamar (Hudson Mohawke, Rob Holladay)
    13 - Only One feat. Paul McCartney & Ty Dolla $ign (Mike Dean, Paul McCartney, Vinylz
    14 - Penultimate feat. Kid Cudi (Interlude) (Paul McCartney)
    15 - It All Comes To This (Mike Dean)
    16 - All Day feat. Allan Kingdom, Paul McCartney, Theophilus London, Kendrick Lamar, Mike Dean & Vic Mensa (Remix) (Kanye West, Velous, French Montana, Mike Dean, Puff Daddy, Paul McCartney)

    “(in reference to "Death March") the beat came with the hook and interlude with it, it was originally meant for fabolous but mike dean bought it and pretty much redid it entirely with in house producers (due to the fact it didn't fit on the album as it was) and took everything from it except the interlude and hook. the title "death march" has nothing to do with the topic of the song.”


  • Those 'rumored tracklist' never ends up to be real afterall, lol.

  • I call fake

  • lol damn this tracklist is insane. If it was real this album would be crazy.

  • way too much info on an album with no legit release date.

  • I call 'probably not the final track list - in which case, didn't make the final cut'

  • Paul McCartney, Paul McCartney, Paul Mccartney feat. Paul Mccartney

  • All day featuring mike dean?? He rapping

  • this would be awesome if it were real...the only thing ppl know for sure is wolves is first..and that may not even be the case any more

  • @KoJo LOL nahh

  • guys this is all bullshit ! Personnaly, I don't think the Neptunes will be part of it, their sound doesnt match with kanye's new style.

  • @sk8brd HAHAHA the internet is the reason why I have trust issues
    I don't believe either of them until closer to the release date or when the album come out

  • I feel like Pusha would be on it at this point, it looks too good to be true, and we don't even have a release date for the album yet. This is fake.

  • He changed the album title to 'SWISH'. He might change it again. So there's that.

  • Zero chance cudi is on here. 99% chance it's fake

  • Oh and 88 Keys constantly works with Kanye and I'm sure is on this album.

  • Lol at that last track from the tracklist @KoJo posted, that's disrespectful xD

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    @sylk funny thing about that tune is,ive removed the dj and the shoutouts from it with a TOTAL RECORDER just a lil software where it lets you record stream, but I had the trial version and it only lets u record for 45 seconds, so proud of the outcome

  • @Borsboom What do you mean??
    That track list is special 😂

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