What Would You Guys, Like To Ask Chad Hugo!

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    I've managed to get In contact with MSSL CMMND Daniel Biltmore and Chad Hugo and Ive sent them about over 30 questions already for the Grindin' Talk and I'll also get the chance to Interview them live, so go ahead and suggest some of your questions you would like to ask MSSL CMMND, especially Chad Hugo!

  • Other than the obvious N.E.R.D. Question. I want to know what his working relationship with Pharrell is like now, did he have any involvement with G I R L, and if he's worked on anything over the past couple of years that he wasn't credited for in general?

  • Wheres the album, whats up with n.e.r.d, wheres my money

  • Ask him how many songs does he think he has in the vault.

  • First of all, Mika....you got the juice lol

    Secondly id like to know what future projects he has in store and if we will see any production in collaboration with P anytime soon and what those projects are....namely what was asked above NERD.

    Also how he's doing personally and if he is aware of this forum...and if he reads/follows this forum. I heard that he does but I'd be nice to hear it from him.

  • how does his current working relationship with pharrell differ now than it did in the neptunes days.. why is that working relationship different now aka what lead to any changes.. how is making music in mssl cmmnd different from making music as the neptunes.. does he foresee a neptunes reunion?!?!?

  • Will there ever be another Neptunes compilation album like Clones?

  • • Will The Neptunes come back?
    • Does he have some snippet/unreleased to share? (only with the Grindin' forum)
    • More info about the future NERD album
    • What are his music projects for the years to come?
    • Does he have some exclusive studio footage/pics to share with us?

    @Mika you're the best \//

  • Also ask him what the Chad Hugo Experience is.

    And ask him if he's ever gonna step out more into fame or is he gonna stay in the background more since he recently had another kid.

  • Really interested to know how he ended up working with Red Velvet (kpop group), how did that come about and does he have plans to work with any other Korean artists?

  • Also, since it's the two of them, do they have plans to release a 'Proper' musical project, like a mssl cmmnd concept album or anything? Or is it just something that exists not to take seriously, just to have fun with? Would love a real musical product from them though

  • I'm gonna be so disappointed if the first questions aren't the ones we've been asking ourselves for years!

    i.e: what happened in 06 that caused the split in The Neptunes? Why do you not like to be credited? Your name is Chad, so why do you post on the forum as 'Mavis'? You know, stuff like that...

  • @3000 lmao about Mavis is Chad, I was gonna ask about the Chad Hugo Experience and what happened to No Planes In Space and (I know he'll never answer this) did you stay in the brackground with almost no credits so that the Pharrell Brand (you and Pharrell musically) could get back on top which led to the Producer of the Year Grammy?

  • Do you love this shit?
    Are you high right now?
    Do you ever get nervous?
    Are you single?
    I heard you fuck your girl, is it true?
    You getting money? You think them n----s you with is with you?

    No but seriously, I want to know why he and Pharrell aren't working together like back in the days.

    Also just try to ask some questions production wise, like;

    • Does he start with the keys first, or drums, or vocals, or what?
    • How has his studio gear and production techniques changed as music software/hardware has evolved over the years.
    • Where do he go for inspiration? (Spotify, YouTube, Old Records, e.t.c.)

    And just some shit that are so basic that nobody has asked him like;

    • what's his daily routine
    • what's his favourite film
    • what's his favourite album
    • what's his best career memory
    • what's his favourite song that he's worked on

  • Mika gonna be in that interview like..



  • @Mika

    1. Ask him if his kids like The Neptunes catalogue. (If he say they dont, call them bitches).
    2. Ask him about Kelis relationshio with him (if it has any).
    3. What happened with the Pusha session.
    4. What project he is more PROUD of.

  • Unreleased tracks

    Please please please ask him about unreleased stuff especially stuff produced as the Neptunes . mention tracks like latrelle I want you etc as examples of classic Neptunes tracks that got released late. Ask him if he could release some unreleased Neptunes stuff (late nineties/Early noughties) for the fans of that era.

    For me the unreleased stuff is hands down most important thing you should ask him about!

  • Which artist would you like to work with that you've not had the chance to in the past?

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    thanks for the love guys, and thank you for your suggested questions, keep em coming !

  • bruh wher da kush

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