Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience (Instrumentals) (2013)

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    Here are finally all Instrumentals to **Justin Timberlake's **third studio album **The 20/20 Experience **released in 2013. All Tracks are produced by Timbaland, **Justin Timberlake **& J-Roc, except 'Dress On' and 'Body Count' produced by Justin Timberlake & Rob Knox.

    **Justin Timberlake - The 20-20 Experience (Instrumentals) (2013) **
    01 - Pusher Love Girl (Instrumental)
    02 - Suit & Tie (Instrumental)
    03 - Don't Hold The Wall (Instrumental)
    04 - Strawberry Bubblegum (Instrumental)
    05 - Tunnel Vision (Instrumental)
    06 - Spaceship Coupe (Instrumental)
    07 - That Girl (Instrumental)
    08 - Let The Groove Get In (Instrumental)
    09 - Mirrors (Instrumental)
    10 - Blue Ocean Floor (Instrumental)
    11 - Dress On (Instrumental)
    12 - Body Count (Instrumental)


  • Thanks Mika! I was just checkin this out on the timbalandpassion blog!

  • Strawberry Bubblegum is the SHIT

  • Wowzers!

  • tumblr_lxa5a6HhjC1r1nsvs.gif

    Hopefully 20/20 pt2. instrumentals will leak too - but having such luck is almost unheard of.
    Gonna transfer the instrumentals to my phone so I have something nice to listen to while I go to sleep tonight.
    J-roc that fucking monster of a producer - he's amazing on the keys.

  • Justified and FSLS are two of my favourite albums of all time, but 2 years on looking back, somehow I feel like pt1 20/20 is Justin's magnum opus, this stuff is just beautifully crafted music and has a real timeless feel. Pt2 was a disappointment, but Pt1 is a classic body of work imo.

  • Listened to this entire thing last night, and it's absolutely ridiculous how well produced the tracks are.
    Thanks again for posting!

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    @AlSween said:



  • Don't hold the wall and tunnel vision are the ones

  • DAMN! tks Mika

  • this is awesome. where the fuck are they from? thank you, kakamingas.

  • Thank you sir!!
    Can anyone also hook me up instrumentals from justified and fsls pleeeeease???
    Much appreciated.

  • The end of Don't Hold The Wall sounds damn near exactly like 4 Minutes.

  • @jrcd30000 said:

    Don't hold the wall and tunnel vision are the ones

    Yeah my mind is so fucked by the Tunnel Vision instrumental that I don't know what to do with myself.
    Where does he even get his drums, like WTF is going on. This huge ass acoustic sounding kick and snare, and some kind of low bass underneath. Then the typical J-roc ascending/descending melodies that trip up and down.

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