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  • I know there has to be stories for days from a lot of you guys on here about your experiences. My apologies if I'm lunching and there's already a thread for this but I want to hear some of your stories from shows, events, casual meetings and conversations, road trips, love stories, etc. connected with the Neps and their music.

    I don't have crazy storytelling skills but personally I'll never forget when Pharrell came back to VA Beach last year, brought out N.E.R.D. at the last second without any announcement, and kicked it off with Rockstar and went into a bunch of classics I lost my mind!

    So what are some of your best memories so far tied to the Neptunes?

  • not the best story but i'll share since it's my only story lol.

    back when the BBC store opened in NYC (maybe 2007 or 2008?), me and a buddy decided to go to the opening and wait in line for the exclusive tshirt and boardflips. we were playing video games at my house the night before and were originally planning to catch a train to NYC the following morning. eventually it got pretty late and we said fuck it and took a train and got there around 4 or 5am. we were probably about 20th or 30th in line so i was happy. i remember it being cold and windy as shit so waiting in line sucked ass. i also remember seeing that dude phillip leeds walking around before the opening and thought cool he's gonna be the only 'famous' person i'll see today.

    about and hour or so before the store was scheduled to open, these 3 black tinted out gmc yukon denalis roll up and park on the street. i really thought nothing of it, thinking they were probably the owners or some other people affiliated with the company, but my buddy was like 'dude, pharrell is probably in one of those.' i said 'no way. he wouldn't take time out of his busy schedule for this.'

    the suvs sat there for at least a half hour. some lady walked up to them trying to look inside, but the windows were tinted. 'he's in there' she said as she walked back to the line. i thought to myself, this bitch is crazy.. she can't even see inside. but then sure enough, almost out of no where, pharrell came walking out of one of them. everyone waiting in line kind of froze and he was able to walk across the sidewalk with no security around him. right before he entered the store he said 'thanks for comin out yall' and then disappeared inside. i was able to snap a close pic of him on my shitty flip phone before he entered.

    the crowd is abuzz over what just happened. everyone mobbed the front of the store and is fixated on catching a glimpse of pharrell through the windows. while that happens, some dude comes snaking through the crowd and walks right in the door. it was jay-z. no one even noticed him til he got to the door. the crowd got even crazier. except for my friend who booed him and called him joe camel lmao (he's a dipset fan)

    pharrell checked out the store and eventually came out the front door to leave. by now, everyone was ready for him and mobbed him. security had to push everyone back. i tried to get another pic as he entered the suv (i had a great shot) but i got a memory full error on my phone. fuck! lol.

    i'm sure there will be better stories posted but that's all i got. and oh yeah, jay-z ended up getting a parking ticket lmao

    EDIT: heres the grainy ass pic i took:

    i have a video of jay-z sneaking in but the resolution is so small and grainy its not even worth an upload. but here's a pic of the cop writing a ticket for jay-z haha (not my image obviously):

  • @pappoo lmao when I read the Joe Camel comment that's actually hilarious, and the parking ticket. I'd feel bad for Jay but on his worst day he's probably having an incredible day to the average person. That would be tight if you still had that photo somewhere, either way good story lol

    Oh snap I see the photos now hahaha that's classic, the grainy-ness makes it even more nostalgic I bet. Probably back when P had that Gold sliding phone or some other crazy fly tech in his pockets.

  • @Deo i think i still have the pic on my computer at home. someone from the bapetalk forums posted a bunch of pics and a few videos from the opening. i have them too. if i remember to, i'll post some when i get home

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    Pharrell asked me to text him a photo of myself yesterday and that was a kind of weird and memorable story, especially b/c he didn't reply after.

    no flex
    tears b/c he hates me

  • we spoke for 40 mins yesterday, he called me. tho we are friends and its legit big bro lil bro relationship, i still get fuckk g geeked yall. u dont know

  • Not completely tied to The Neptunes but I remember I was at a Kid Cudi/ Common concert in 09 and while common was performing Punch Drunk Love I threw up the Star Trak sign, he smiled and threw it up 2. It was pretty cool.

  • @Mavis said:

    Pharrell asked me to text him a photo of myself yesterday and that was a kind of weird and memorable story, especially b/c he didn't reply after.

    no flex
    tears b/c he hates me

    Yesterday? For what? Lol

  • edit
    I've personally never seen the neps in person or in concert. I just remember them posting on the star trak forum. That was amazing in itself to me.

  • @Pushamalicious-T That's awesome. Man I loved when Common was doing that UMC fly Bambaataa hip hop ish. Even though that album wasn't crazy popular I love that era in hip hop he was paying homage to and the P collabs made it fresh.

  • The year 2008 for me, was the year I had finally seen NERD live. I saw them 4 times, that year.

    This time in particular was special ~

    All night I was singing my heart out, front row. Big Ben was in front of me at the base of the stage all night, I occasionally dapped up Shae every time he came to the edge of the stage.

    I had already been watching mad LIVE videos of NERD on their 08 tour, so I knew they'd come out with "anit-Matter" and such. Needless to say, I knew the routine on what would happen when "Spaz" was performed.

    So I am singing every track, R2TS, Bobby J, Rockstar, LapD. everything word for word. Finally they get to Spaz, and they are looking to people to throw on stage. Pharrell catches me to the left, and spots me out, and all of a sudden I hear "Come on!"

    Man this nigga Big Ben olympic kurt angle picks me up and I basically roll on stage. Adrenaline on a hundo right now. I pop up instantly and go across the stage doing the High Step Hitler shit Pharrell used to do back in the day. My friends are going nuts, i'm out of my mind and I finally make it to the right side of the stage (Where you see me in the video) --

    There's just thousands and thousands of people envious and looking up, so I'm really feeling myself. I started doing the one handed wop, and then threw the CRS Star Trak sign in the air, and everyone in the crowd proceeded to do the same.

    It was just so powerful and fun, voice was mad gone at the end of the night. The next day I scoured the net looking for footage of the previous night and came across this gem

    @ about 0:08 I'm the guy in the backwards hat, running dog jeans.

    • so yea, that was really the first big moment for me. I got other stories, as most of you know I flew to LA in 2011 to work on a secret project with Pharrell which turned out to be the "iAMOther Visual launch trailer"

    I'm the guy @ 0:30 and then my handshake with Pharrell was cut off, so it looks like I got played the worst way and left hanging in the history of handshakes @ 2:20 (Still hard to watch to this day)
    ~ I just wish I was at my mental and energy level that I am at now, then. I probably would have done a lot of things differently, but I wasn't ready.

    So yea, there's my memorable moment. Sorry for the long post and typos, lol. thanks @babymilo for rubbing in the 40 min convo, and Skating past me on Fairfax back in 2011, the day before I shot that visual with P, lol.

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    @mr_novalike said:

    Yesterday? For what? Lol

    I have no idea, i think it was to see if he recognised me. meh.

  • @matic_touch dope man, ah man that concert story is especially awesome. That was such a great year to be an NERD fan.

  • @pappoo said:

    EDIT: heres the grainy ass pic i took:

    lowkey eerie image with those background signs. think about how much bbc costs now lol

  • @axele haha yeah never thought of it like that! funny thing is that store still had those signs up a year and a half later:,-74.000589,3a,75y,298.79h,90.21t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sXAZpadPpc3fzRzC0lQXx_w!2e0!5s20090501T000000!6m1!1e1

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