The Internet - Ego Death (2015)

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    Start a kehlani thread bruh. I keep thinking internet leaked

  • good for kelahni what ever the fuck her name is now back to topic

    its a song called curse that is sooooo good.

  • @BabyMilo What does curse sound like?

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    @BabyMilo Don't think I heard curse yet (unless it's one of the instrumentals I heard a while back) but I like Palace. I used to think it was weird as fuck but it grew on me.

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    NEWS 6 days ago
    The Internet "Ego Death" Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist
    The Internet has announced its forthcoming album, "Ego Death."

    by Jimaral Marshall
    Ego Death, The Internet's third studio album, is scheduled to be available for purchase June 30 via itunes, according a press release.

    "Ego Death is about being vulnerable and honest" the band says in the press release. "Its (Ego Death) about us acknowledging our egos and the egos around us, and using them the best way we know how."

    Ego Death is slated to include guest appearances from Janelle Monae, Tyler, the Creator, Vic Mensa and James Fauntleroy. The project's lead single, "Special Affair," is available at HipHopDX.

    Based out of Los Angeles, The Internet is a band that specializes in combining R&B and Soul.

    The band is fronted by Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martians, who both at one point were apart of Tyler, the Creator's Odd Future collective.

    Initially, The Internet consisted of only two members, Syd and Matt who chose to disband from Odd Future and focus on their own project in 2011. Since then, the band has grown into a unit of six members.

    Ego Death follows the releases of the group's freshman and sophomore efforts, Purple Naked Ladies (2011) and Feel Good (2012).

    Ego Death cover art and tracklist are as follows:

    1.Get Away

    1. Gabby Feat. Janelle Monae

    2. Under Control

    3. Go With It Feat. Vic Mensa

    4. Just Sayin/I Tried

    5. For The World Feat. James Fauntleroy

    6. Girl Feat. Kaytranada

    7. Special Affair

    8. Something's Missing

    9. Partner's In Crime Part Three

    10. Penthouse Cloud

    11. Palace/Curse Feat. Steve Lacy & Tyler, The Creator

  • I need this in my life right now. This is gonna sound corny, but I love singing about girls along with Syd.

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    guys, the album is amazing

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    That bass on Special Affair got me over here making all kinds of stank faces. Fucking pre-ordered.

  • thanks for the heads up mika
    can't wait to listen in a bit

    EDIT: ok this has got to be one of the horniest albums ever made

  • Just Sayin/I Tried... wow

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    Album made me cry...

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    This post is deleted!

  • Album leaked a few days ago but didn't want to say anything here.

    The second half of Something's Missing is niiiiiccceee!

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    I bought it on iTunes so I don't mind listening to a leak. Not sharing the link doh. Everyone buy it

  • this shit is bout to be FIRE!!

  • damn i dont got the leak... ill just wait till tomorrow. hyped

  • Personally, this Is my favorite album of 2015 thus far. This shit was good from start to finish.

  • I love "somethings missing" and "for the world"

  • Yep 'Something's Missing' ! play that shit loud. So many moments on the album that made me say "wow" out loud. Definitely can hear that Jamiroquai influence on these guys. Shout out to Matt Martians, fye album mayne!

  • Thanks guys . Means a lot

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