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    NERD - Seeing Sounds (2008)*
    01 - Intro (Seeing Sounds)
    02 - Time For Some Action feat. The Hives
    03 - Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom) (Scratches By Timbaland)
    04 - Windows
    05 - Anti Matter
    06 - Spaz
    07 - Yeah You
    08 - Sooner Or Later
    09 - Happy
    10 - Kill Joy
    11 - Love Bomb
    12 - You Know What
    13 - Laugh About It
    14 - Lasergun Carrying (Bonus)
    15 - Everyone Nose feat. CRS & Pusha T. (Remix) (Bonus)
    16 - My Drive Thru feat. Santogold & Julian Casablancas (Bonus)
    17 - Res - You Know What (Demo) (Bonus)
    18 - Spaz (DJ Freakiii's I'm Right Herre Mix) (Bonus)

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    NER*D - Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom) (Official Video) (2009)

    NER*D - Spaz (Official Video) (2009)

    NER*D - Sooner Or Later (Official Video) (2010)

  • one of the best albums ever

  • Off topic but this got me thinking. Its crazy how that the time between In My Mind and In Search Of (4-5 years) is th same as the time between today and the Despicable Me 1 OsT

    For some reason during the IMM era ISO seemed like it was so old. But I swear Despicable Me OST seems like it was released like a year ago.

    A sad part of getting older :(. Time just flies.

  • I remember first hearing the original Everyone Nose and loving that change at 1:49. That album got me through the summer of 2008 and through my senior year of H.S. in 2009; Happy was the coolest to me, I had much more appreciation for Sooner or Later, Love Bomb, and You Know What by Summer 2009.

    "They pay a night to see me, a night to TV, 'cause I'm bright like the finger that lights on E.T."
    The entire third verse is flames.

  • This post is deleted!

  • "Lazer Gun" was the sh**, I'd like to see them perform that song one day, wont ever happen but still

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    I just started listening to this album again. I love everyone nose and spaz. I wish they did the whole album like that crazy style because it was so new and they didn't explore it before or after. Still it's a cool album I guess. I like it more now then at the time.

  • i remember that summer dude. sooner or later i cried when i heard it i swear. i was in sacramento with my mom skating around by myself every damn day. listening to that album. i still HATE killjoy and never liked Lazer Gun that much. MY DRIVE THRU THO??!????!!??? love that record. now that i think about it, come get it bae is more SS era, the drum pattern is forsure this time cause they were playing with weird breatbeats and stuff

  • The Everyone Nose Remix (especially Pusha's verse) and Love Bomb were the highlights for me.
    I must have rewinded Pusha's verse at least 50 times first time I heard that remix.
    I was in general underwhelmed by this album, but those two songs were on heavy rotation, which in a way is funny since they're completely opposite of each other.

    To be honest, around this time I was just fiending for a Child Rebel Soldier album, which I thought was near since Lupe and Kanye were featured on the Everyone Nose remix.

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    @nerd0016 oh my memories from 2008 Novi Sad Serbia ....

  • One of the greatest albums ever in my opinion. I was just a highschool kid ready to spread my wings, I remember first hearing that intro and hearing those Staccato strings, and then first hearing the bridge on Everyone Nose, I could really go on and on, but yeah..... Oh and Love Bomb is still one of the greatest songs ever.

  • I was listening to it last week, reminiscing about that time. Everyone Nose is the dopest NERD single ever. There are so many different styles and sounds on Seeing Sounds. I love that shit.

  • Man Seeing Sounds was amazing. It got a lot of hate on here when it came out if I recall correctly, but for me, its the NERD album I listened to the most.

    So much variety on it....You Know What, to Sooner or Later to Spaz....

    Still can't stand Killjoy though...fuckin' garbage. It's the "Party People" of Seeing Sounds imo.

  • killjoy annoys me hahahaha. its some roy auers song that its feom cant think of it

  • man I remember writing a paper on this album in college for my sound recording class. just the craziness of recording different sizes of trash cans for drums. good memories.

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    @kidkardiac I think i remember you talkin about it on the forum :)

  • I knew almost nobody that I could connect with about this album, I'm talking about the extremes of devotion and gratitude I had for this album. And I was perfectly okay with it! I remember the Zune commercials for Seeing Sounds with the black gorilla cover, reading about how it could potentially be called N.3.R.D. I would literally spaz for this.


  • used to skate around to this album, so much damn energy. I literally shed tears to Sooner or Later - that outro lifts me so high. still love Windows (sounds like some police shit), omg Anti matter fuckk (i love playing live drumset to this), Happy (always pictured gwen doing this one). KilIjoy is awesome dude (straight Chili vibes). I remember going home and skanking to Spaz and EBN when I found out i was graduating HS haha.

  • That Sooner or Later + Outro used to bring genuine drops of solitary man tears to my eyes

  • "Killjoy" was and still is my jam, and I go ape s**t when they play it live

  • Ow man I remember listening to the snippets and hearing Love Bomb... Damn! I checked it a thousand times just to be sure if I heard the best thing I ever did in my life. Than the album released just after the exams where we would just wait for results. No more school. Summer was good! I remember meeting P and Shae at that Lowlands concert in the start of this thread.

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