Kelis - Milkshake (Remix) (03')

  • So I've had this on my Mac for ages labelled 'Milkshake Remix (Second Version)' which I downloaded years ago (can't remember where but it contained all neptunes related tracks - up until 2010 at the time)
    It contains the acapella/lyrics off the actual Neptunes Remix we've all heard but I'm wondering if this in particular is another version that was remixed by the Neptunes.
    I do have my doubts as it sounds too Neptunish to be true but I've been wrong before.

    It's a pretty good remix though and the bridge is quite nice - anyway let me know your thoughts


    Kelis - Milkshake (Remix) (Second Version)

  • Naw.....sounds too Neptunes to be Neptunes.

  • @Playahater exactly what I was thinking.
    I've been searching for the true origin of the remix all over YouTube and searching 'milkshake remix' and even checking the song length.
    I won't sleep well until I know of its origin and until then, it's staying in the Neptunes playlist 😁

  • Admin

    yeh buddy aint tunes

  • Thanks guys!

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