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    Applause! Good response.

    Used to love the guy, was a huge fan of him/OF for 3 years.

    After the sort of disappointment of Cherry Bomb, (I only liked 5 songs, realized most of the lyrics are either bragging or no substance) I think I've realized I've outgrown Tyler as a whole.

    He's done some cool stuff and I will always respect that but I'm tired of his arrogant, braggadocios and unretalable recent attitude. I can't relate to him talking about wanting a McLaren, having big chains, or being a god like I related to him rapping about his life and feeling depressed because he was stuck in a house arguing with his grandma or about girl trouble.

    I'm 19 now and it was a fun couple of years but honestly he's just annoyed me so much recently. I will always enjoy some of his old stuff and production (Answer, Partyisntover, Bastard) will always be great to me but I think it's time I move on. Honestly, I'm not surprised most of OF no longer hangs out with him, he can really seem arrogant and pretentious sometimes. I think especially with him saying he hates "depressing" music (Even though he used to make it and we all related/loved it) and kind of sneak-dissing Earl/Kendrick by saying conscious rap/deep rap is bad.

    Yes, I know he's happy now and that's great. But he's gotta realize many of the old fans aren't big on this new stuff. And being happy doesn't = saying you're happy all the time. It means making great stuff. Some of which he's done. But for the most part, I'm over it. I also don't care about shelling out 5 dollars for an app with stuff that'll show up on the internet most likely within a few weeks. Or spending hundreds of dollars on clothes. If you want to, that's totally fine but I liked the old Tyler who was less materialistic/pretentious much better.

    Tyler, The Creator:

    i feel it tho, for most people when you cant relate or arent on the same wave length, you move on, that what ive done with friends over time. cant argue with him if thats how he feels, but i will say this

    the only songs i talk abut my jewels or cars on is

    1. 2 seater
    2. brownstains ( rocks on rainbow, pink and yellow on my neck, is that diamonds on ya neck, thats mclaren)
    3. opening line on smuckers i say im tryna get the mclaren

    other than that


    dont mention those things, so idk i find it weird dude made it seem like thats all i talk about on there

    he said he releated to me when i was depressed and living with my grandmother.

    dude, that was in 2011. its 2015, if he really thinks that 4 years later i would still be living on my dead grandmothers floor, and still be sad with all these amazing things happening around me, then he is stuck in 2011. and i dont mean that in a bad way, when you have a favorite artist, you tend to grasp onto an era, trust me i do that with artist that i love but i also know they grow and see new things and change and mature and all of that. im sorry that im not in the same place to talk about those things that were happening in 2011. i dont know what to tell you, my life is in a different spot right now and like on every album, i talk about whats going on in my life AT THAT MOMENT. shit, that would be sooo sad if i was making the same album over and over again. and when i talk about depressed stuff, i know niggas who think its cool as fuck to be sad and negative. i remember being in a somewhat dark spot and now that im not there i understand that its not healthy and it sucks, that shit is NOT TIGHT and it sometimes rubs off on others, you dont have as much fun and blah blah but take that how you want dude

    he said that "hes not suprised that OF dont hang around ME anymore". ok, im not gonna go into that. the thing that does suck is that people that dont know what goes on in our personal lives always seems to think they know whats really going on. trust me, you dont know. and to read that comment made me kinda bummed, cause the tone made it seem like im sus or the bad guy, ha.

    i never said anything about kendrick and thebe, in that interview i do recall said its either you talking about trapping and selling drugs, or doing the opposite talking about black power and all that. dont twist my fucking words dude.

    and being hapy doesnt mean you have to say it all the time? why not? why cant i share my joy with the world? ohhh, it was cool when i was raping girls and telling you how sad i was on records, but when shit changes and im feeling great and i fuck with myself you cant deal with it? cause you cant relate? is that why? or maybe its my ego talking. idk know what it is, but after a while you realize you dont want to be around people who isnt positive, who isnt focused who dont want more. why would you want to be around someone is is a downer? and i dont even mean depressed, i mean niggas who is always just fucking everyones mood up? everytime they talk its something negative? am i wrong cause i dont want that in my life? its crazy, all im doing is spreading good vibes and tryna give some confidence to people and at least telling them they can accoplish something. sometimes giving some people some hope can really push people to be great. i know i had a couple teachers and my role models always reminded me that i can really do something if i put my mind to it, and everything i EVER put my mind to I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED!, so excuse me if its in my nature to project that kind of attitude, THATS ALL I KNOW. sorry im not sad, sorry i didnt have a story line to cover up my flaws of sound b, sorry the last album was 100 percent me and not from the perspective of a bunch of made up people, sorry that i can gives all my boys jobs and my mother and sister have a roof over their head, sorry i have big plans to do stuff outside of rap like maybe open a movie theater or a park, sorry that im getting started on those things now, sorry that im into stones now ( its a video from 2011 sxsw where i had the icy GOLF pendant, but yall prolly dont remember that, didnt i wear chains in yonkers?) sorry that i like cars and like to talk about it, soooo sorry that ive turned into the guy i hated ( idk if thats true but that what yall think , i have not worn leather pants or been to the club ha) sorry for being me, i apologize in advance cause IM GONNA CONTINUE TO DO THAT FOREVER

  • haha! get em T. hate those "day one" fans..... these fans aint loyal... those the same fans that always wanna knock someone else of finding the talent late.

    new person: " i never heard their music before but im really into it"

    unloyal fan: "you JUST hearing them? ive been listening to them for years. The music they make sucks now"

    usual suspects.

  • Staff

    I don't think there's anything wrong with what the guy said (except for the personal stuff implying things about OF).

    We all think that about our favourite artists at some point right?

    It's just part of growing up. Funny thing is that It's usually more that you as a listener yourself has changed without noticing. Tastes and stuff

  • I agree with @Mavis. And Tyler said that in some point. I think both share their thoughts and its totally ok with it

  • What the guy said I completely get it, I even feel some of the same way, most do get tired of the braggdocious material gain in hip hop/rap, some, but yeah we don't know much about the personal lives of OF, we know as much as pictures show, what they say in lyrics and what they tweet, thats about it, so yeah he should not have gone there, but I also agree with much of what tyler said, life goes on, things change, you get new outlooks on life, then you talk about it on your records if thats the moment you are in

  • I'm not a "since day one" Tyler fan. In fact, I didn't feel his music back when he was on that depressed vibe. But I love Cherry Bomb and I'm glad to see dude doing so well right now. I've never minded rappers stunting and bragging. I hope Tyler gets that McLaren. I only got one caution: once you drive that thing, you can't go back to anything less.

  • Damn that kid ain't lying about being 19, huh?

  • Progression is necessary for future generations to be better let alone your own self growth. I miss the old OFWGKTA days as well, but thats why I bought/downloaded the music. So those moments live on whenever I wanna hear them again. But I'm happy with everyone's progression and experimentation. Can't wait to hear more shit from all the members. Group or no group.

  • I like the old stuff, but I fuck with Tyler now more than I ever did. I guess it's cuz I'm an actual fan of what stuff sounds like, and less with what an artist I like is wearing or saying in an interview.

  • progession will always be necessary.. as he is entitled to his opinion... but there is a complete difference between a fan and a in the moment bandwagon.

    .... as jay-z said "like my old stuff, buy my old albums". even as us "Star Trak" fans went thru the phase of old neptunes/ new neptunes/ n.e.r.d to only pharrell.. i can say that we've been thru disappointment but we never (or ive never seen any of you) targeted their growth or made negative assumptions on why chad and p arent working/ why is he making shit like he does now.

    I just feel the "critics" of today talk as if they know the person on personal levels as if they been in the studios. People are so sensitive today.

  • Ive definitely had my moments where I've said shit about why Pharrell's new shit is different and why P and Chad don't work together much anymore...I think most people on this forum have thought up of potential reasons/hypothesized....i mean it's natural. Look at the backlash fans had when the Beatles broke up....so naturally on a way smaller scale it's expected to see fans of people like Neptunes and OF to get pissy and talk shit to make sense of whatever is happening. (BTW I have no idea what's going on in OF - I'm just going off of what the original post said).....

    But yea, recently I realized that no talented musician stays the same throughout their career. Those who do, get boring, stagnant and lose their success. Neptunes' early stuff is almost unrecognizable compared to stuff they're putting out now (Compare Snoop's BUSH album with Clones).

    This kid who posted that (he's still 19), doesn't understand how the world works yet...and thinks the world should cater to him and his tastes. I probably more or less felt the same way when P came out rocking the big ass In My Mind chains and was spitting all that materialism bullshit. I was around 19 at that time too. This is just a classic case of immaturity imo. He'll learn when he grows up.

  • i understand progression, but man that album was mixed/mastered so badly its almost unlistenable, i appreciate the effort but the album sucks for the most part

  • Think about it though, a real fan would be more than willing to be open about the direction that their favorite artists are taking.
    Consider Tyler as a prime example. He has followed Pharrell's masterpieces for the longest time! P came such a long way from making Tape You, to putting out Frontin', In My Mind is a classic and inspirational album, being named the 2000s number one producers as The Neptunes, and as of recently been such a popular name with number one hits and winning Grammys, he's not rapping as much anymore but his instrumentation has progressed phenomenally.
    Tyler lived through that as a fan and loves it as a fan; coming to grips with moving on from your favorite artist is a sad thing. Pharrell did say You Can Do It too, and I believe, firmly, that Tyler should go this route, it is his turn to explore. With his lifestyles, with his sounds, and overall with exploring the world with his new-found wings. Tyler wants to spread the positivity, and if you think that you can't then you probably won't, but that isn't the focus... it is about shifting the perspective of the listener if they so want. Pharrell is influencing the world. Now's the time to play Smile. (Fuck, I'm up real late, I don't know what the fuck I'm saying but it sounds right. Thanks.)

  • tbh the whole "OF breakup" thing is so overblown. its funny cuz some of us are closer now than we ever were. let the media tell it

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    Matt quit lurking and come to Singapore

  • Cherry Bomb is incredible to me. I assumed the mixing was intentional. Most of the tracks seemed okay to me. I think one was left unmixed for a raw affect or was mixed to sound that way...but I wasn't in the studio and prolly don't know what I'm talking about lol

  • From what I've read, the mixing was intentional, but I feel it doesn't work within rap albums really, having low vocals more suit for Chillwave, like Toro's early albums, the distortion and noise I understand, as he said his friend put him on to Dethgrips so I feel much of it was inspired by them, but overall I feel like the album was going for something but it did not quite hit it

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