Pharrell album that was never released??

  • Kill Them
    Produced by Pharrell Williams
    Featuring Pharrell and Tosh
    Busta: "This is one o' the two tracks that were originally done when I was signed to Aftermath - the other was Don't Believe 'Em. The rest of the album was re-done when I did the deal with Sylvia. The beat here was inspired by Shame on a Nigga, from ODB. The guest on it is a lady called Tosh, a Jamaican Mariah Carey-type singer, but I wanted her to give me that raw Jamaican patois on this record, and cos of my Jamaican descent I did the same thing. And everybody take notice: Pharrell's new album is incredible. He played it to me in the studio and that shit made me cry, just like with Midnight Marauders when I first heard it. This isn't Rebel Child Soldier [Pharrell's rumoured supergroup with Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco], this is Pharrell by his self! Yo, the shit that he does on this album, he has never given it to anyone, ever. And it's no cameos on it! He has no-one with him on his album at all - it's just him by his self. This shit is the most incredible fuckin' album I've heard since Midnight Marauders. In f---in' tears, cryin' hysterically in the studio! Un f---in' believeable! And the entire album is about the suffering in the urban community. But this album is so crazy, that right now I think a movie is coming with the album, with some big f---in' super-producer in Hollywood. They heard the album and they couldn't believe it so they wanted to write a script for a movie that goes with the entire album. And the movie is gonna be based on the topics that he talks about in his songs. The movie provided the script. Yo, this shit is so f---ing crazy! So crazy!"

    Alright, what could he have been talking about? I know this is hella old but it has me wondering.

  • It's obviously Voltron.

    Voltron is about the struggle of robots in the urban community and how they fit in. It's a known fact.

  • But the way Busta's talking about it is that the album came and THEN a movie was inspired by it.

  • Staff

    Yeah he's talking about that "Zoom" project. Remember P was making a movie that was partly based on his life. Then it got changed into a TV show. Then the whole thing got scrapped.

  • @Mavis said:

    Yeah he's talking about that "Zoom" project. Remember P was making a movie that was partly based on his life. Then it got changed into a TV show. Then the whole thing got scrapped.


  • Damn. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • 😔😭😭😭. Damn.

  • What happen to Voltron

  • Apparently the script was so bad it had to go through multiple rewrites and I think they probably just scrapped it eventually. Or it's on hold.

    Pharrell had some wild suggestions when he was on the creative panel - something about space being white and the whole movie being filmed in a top down view - like Starcraft or something.

  • I can just imagine P pitching the idea of him flying kicking UFO's in space, in 3D!
    Tragic loss :(

  • P and Hans Zimmer should make an original intergalatic movie. Much like the Daft Punk Anime but not with an 80s look

  • Pharrell and Hans should produce a Jay Z album that sounds like soundtrack/classical/orchestral music with Jay rapping over top. I don't think that's ever been done but it would be dope as fuck.

  • Staff

    @Playahater late registration ? Kanye & Jon Brion

  • Not quite what I was thinking of @Mavis I was thinking more grand, big band stuff - no samples or 808s.

  • Staff

    808's? I don't think I heard any at all on that album. And does it get bigger than producing an album with a 20 piece orchestra?

    Anyway I get you. It would be cool if P & Hans did something.

  • @Mavis you mean Late Orchestration. But yes, perfect example of where it's been done before.

  • Staff

    Nope I mean late registration. The actual album.

  • Staff

    I'll have to check late orchestration. I've never heard it before.

  • @Mavis ! need to check it out, at the time it sounded awesome

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