• Damn, that's a sad day - Beats 1 went hard so far... but... NO Beatles in Apple Music?!???! I thought the whole iTunes catalogue would be available :/ that would have pulled me offa Spotify right from the point...any infos on that?

  • Staff

    It's a band from 50 years ago. You should already own their catalogue by now if you love them so much right?

  • Staff

    Also u know the Beatles were signed to Apple (their record label) and they had a huge disputes with apple (the tech co.) that lasted years. Ended badly. I'm assuming this is linked to that? Or maybe whoever owns the Beatles catalog realised there's more money to be made by not allowing them to stream. Beatles catalog is prob the most valuable thing in music.

  • Yo you didn't hear? This Apple Music party is BYOB
    (Bring Your Own Beatles)

    Seriously though I hope they're negotiating the rights as we speak.
    There's a whole generation of kids who are stream only, them not being able to hear The Beatles would be a shame.

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