• OK guys, take this news however you want. I went to see P again yesterday, in France this time. Got the chance to talk briefly with Shae and he told me that a new N·E·R·D album is on the way. I asked him when? He said: this year. So there's that…

  • I call bullocks. I want to believe........

  • What does Shae really know though ? lmao

  • shae was on stage with pharrell during his set at roskilde festival, i dont know if he's at all shows for the tour or if this is even relevant for anything

  • i mean he's not going to tell a fan that there* isn't *an album on the way... and part of me thinks shae lies to himself to keep his own hopes alive lol. but the 'this year' part is what makes me wonder. he could have said 'soon' or 'i don't know' but he didn't. it makes it sound like its further along than any of us truly know

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    mercy on your soul, these fine folks are going to eat you alive if this turns out to be false.

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    Hey ! We will see.

  • Yeah, I also think this is bullshit, especially the fact that he said it's slated for this year.

  • I call bullshit. Guarantee there won't be a new N.E.R.D. album by December 31st, 2015.

  • I got the chance to speak to him at the flagship store and he told me "Nothing" was due some date in October, he was only off by a few weeks as it released on November, so coming from someone who's asked him just about the same question before, I can believe it. I don't know if we will get it this year, but I'm sure they have been working on it.

  • Guarantee it's either done or almost done. They've definitely been in the studio working (Spongebob)

  • I still remember certain people on this forum saying N.E.R.D was done and would never release music again. Lol Then we got Squeeze me a few months later

  • 8d339f70_grain-of-salt2.jpeg

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    @Playahater LOOOL

  • Yea but with Nothing we knew there was something in the works. We knew they were working material since 2009 when Soldier dropped and all those performances of Instant Gratification material.

    We more or less know when P is in the studio because of social media. If not when he's in the studio we at least know what projects he's working on. There'd be some indication if NeRD was working on an new album releasing in the next 6 months. That's just my opinion tho.

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    @Dark-Moonlight said:

    I still remember certain people on this forum saying N.E.R.D was done and would never release music again. Lol Then we got Squeeze me a few months later

    If you're referring to me then that was 100% true at the time. Shae said they weren't working on anything and I learned that Chad was turning down all of P's studio requests.

    Things change. Especially when cash is involved. No big deal.

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    I hope an album is coming.

  • WTF turning down studio requests??

    Fuck all this talking in code BS...let's get down to it...

    MIKA why the hell have you been turning down Mavis' studio requests??? You asswipe

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    @mavis details bruh. What's this chad turning down p's studio requests about?

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    saying no to working on certain songs. Even when they're in the same room.

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    This is all stuff I'm not supposed to say. And i don't know if that's still the same situation now.

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